About us


Founded in Geneva in 1960 by professor Jean Stryjenski, our office was among the pioneers in helping architects in the fields of architectural acoustics and building physics.

Our research laboratory was an innovative tool. For decades, it has made it possible to measure the acoustic characteristics of many materials and equipment as well as to carry out studies on models or samples.

Since 1990, under the direction of Horacio Monti, our office has been expanding its activities in the areas of :

  • Architectural acoustics
  • Environnemental acoustics
  • Building physics
  • Expertise in acoustics and physics

Our design office regularly joins international project design teams with Swiss, French, German, Japanese, American ... partners.



  • Room acoustics
  • Public address council
  • Building acoustics
  • Protection against noise
  • Protection against vibrations
  • Building physics

Urban planning and environment

  • Impact study
  • Noise cadastres
  • Development Plans
  • Urban sound design


  • Assistance to building owners
  • Conferences and demonstrations


  • Measurements
  • Expert in authorities and courts